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Live from the Hellfire Club

Authors: Aisle16

Published by Egg Box Publishing

ISBN: 9780954392031

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"Poetry has come of age." - the Guardian

An eagerly anticipated first collection from the UK's most sought after poetry collective, Aisle16, with forewords by the legendary John Cooper Clarke and Martin Newell. "Aisle16 redefine the genre." - Time Out

Live from the Hellfire Club collects all the works to date by the country's most highly publicised and sought after poetry group. Their most acerbic, cutting edge and downright hilarious verse is presented alongside iconic new artwork from Sam Ratcliffe. "They do with words what I try to do with art." - Ralph Steadman

The Aisle16 style is a mutant hybrid of the highs and lows of modern culture: accessible, barbed, beautiful, moving and funny. Set to become the cult book of 2005, Live from the Hellfire Club is also guaranteed to remain popular for many years. "Truly breathtaking ... moments of pure genius." - Metro

The Hellfire Club (Excerpt)

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls,
Moslems and Hindoos and Papists and Jews,
oat-eaters, hand-raisers, love-preachers, truth-teachers,
god-haters, fire-walkers, trance-fakers, night-stalkers
and those who follow the Fat Man. Welcome.
Welcome, one and all, each and every,
all and sundry, sullen, hungry, tired and angry. Welcome.
Leave your coats at the door,
give the speaker the floor
and solicit no whores before ten,
when the men have all safely retired
for fat bulbs of port by the drawing room fire,
their whiskers to gravely, sagaciously rub.
Welcome, my friends, to the Hellfire Club.
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