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Living a Life

Authors: Valery Ronshin

Published by Glas New Russian Writing

ISBN: 9785717200608

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"Ronshin's stories are reminiscent of early Pelevin's... They contain much humor and much food for thought. He has not yet reached the summit of his success but we have no doubts that one day he will win international fame."Literaturnaya Gazeta

"Hilariously funny black humor...A brilliant writer of absurd tales..."Sobesednik

"Death is a frequent presence in Ronshin's brilliantly crafted stories but it invariably appears in some funny guise, almost a lampoon, a toy character in a toy world of innocent violence. Ronshin's characters often feel as if they were living among stage sets and as if they themselves were not really real. In Ronshin's world the dead live side by side with the living without suspecting that they are dead."Ex Libris

"Real humor is always black," says Valery Ronshin, a highly imaginative and prolific writer whose work includes a strong element of mysticism. His fresh and distinctive literary style recalls that of the 20th century Russian writers of the absurd such as Daniil Kharms. Ronshin's reality is necessarily absurd, sometimes silly. And always haunted by the grotesque, which may intrude at any moment. In the title story the somnolent night watchman is a self-styled philosopher: "From time to time he got various ideas into his head. Usually other people's. The first idea was this: Life is a dream." The toy factory, where the watchman-philosopher works, turns out to be a top-secret weapons plant. These absurd tales, grounded in the perverseness of present-day Russian reality are what Kharms might have written were he alive today.


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