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Love and Fear

Published by Glas New Russian Writing

ISBN: 9785717200028

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"Love and Fear guides the reader on an eye-opening tour of the outer limits of these two emotions that has always gone hand in hand in Russia." - The Moscow Times

"I'm an old man now and new things bother me, the ever changing fads to make us obsolete. I planted the flowers facing me but they have turned away to face the sun and now I'm in the row behind." — Yevgeny Kharitonov, "Teardrops on the Flowers", a gay man's musings on life under the Soviet regime.

Victor PELEVIN's funny and frightening tale about transexuals who thus conceal their Party identities; Lev RAZGON's memoirs about USSR President Mikhail Kalinin's wife in a labour camp; Vladimir MAKANIN Klyucharyov and Alimushkin; Zufar GAREYEV Facsimile Summer.

Also Friedrich GORENSTEIN Bag in Hand; Zinovy ZINIK Mea Culpa;
Yuri MILOSLAVSKY The Death of Manon, On Exile;
Boris YAMPOLSKY A Crowded Place;
Alexander TEREKHOV Communal Living, Pitch Black Void

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