Love Russian Style

Love Russian Style

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"These stories, which are amusing and unique, act like a playground swing, each one flinging itself into directions different from the others..." - Boston Book Review

Sometimes tragic, sometimes hilarious stories of love in contemporary Russia, ranging from the hopeless and humiliating love affair of an unmarried woman with two married men (Vladimir MAKANIN, The Safety Valve) to a fantastic journey of a frustrated lover into the eye of his beloved (Sigizmund KRZISZANOWSKY, In the Pupil of the Eye).

Particularly stimulating are the young writers' uninhibited stories of love and infidelities, representing today's erotic writing.

Ergali GER Electric Liza; Alexander TEREKHOV, Happiness, Fear of Frost.

Nina GABRIELYAN's moving, if slightly surreal, stories offer fine examples of emerging feminist writing.

Also: Sergei TASK S.O.B., Four Knights Opening, The Great Sinner;
Dmitry PRIGOV's Poems, drawings, thoughts;
Igor Yarkevich's Babel as the Marquis De Sade of the Russian Revolution.

"Love Russian Style approaches its theme from nearly every angle, from careless teenage romps to blood feuds over love long past." - the Moscow Times

"The standard of writing in GLAS is high and the translations read unusually well." - the Independent on Sunday