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Authors: Mario Crespo

Published by Dead Ink

ISBN: 9780993401404

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“A fascinating voyage round the world through the postcodes of Leeds as seen by a dazzling patchwork of international characters. Mario Crespo’s flair and his outsider’s eye makes my hometown a new and surprising place.” Jeremy Dyson, The League of Gentlemen

LS6 is a Leeds postcode that inspired this novel of six intertwining stories about the marginalised communities of Leeds, particularly migrants and the working class and their interactions with each other. An examination of neoliberal politics.

Leeds, the melting pot. A Spanish ham cutter, a Colombian chicken sexer, an Italian usher, a Cape Verdean actor, an Iraqi-Kurd ghost-writer, and a widow of Leeds – all weave their way towards the Playhouse for The Death of Margaret Thatcher. Collage or cocktail: the forces of neoliberalism, yin-yang, and The Golden Bough bring them together and then tear them apart. The Leeds school has an explosive new voice – formed in Madrid.

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