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May Day

Authors: Jan Fortune

Published by Cinnamon Press

ISBN: 9781909077423

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Drawn from the winners and short list from November 2013 Cinnamon Press poetry collection competition, the anthology includes work by Laura Seymour, Sheila Wild, Patricia Helen Wooldridge, & Carole Powell. Helen Ivory and Martin Figura wrote of the the winner and second placed poets (Laura Seymour and Sheila Wild):

“In the end it came down to two very different voices – One wild, imaginative, surreal and witty – the other calm, with a sense of considered vulnerability. We chose the former as our over-all winner, but it was like choosing between fire and an artichoke. We were therefore delighted and relieved to hear that Cinnamon Press is going to publish both collections.”

May Day is an opportunity to sample the work of these and many other exceptional new writers.

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