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Minorities not Minority 2: Poets from Romagna

Authors: Giuseppe Bellosi

Published by Cinnamon Press

ISBN: 9781907090783

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This anthology of poetry from the region of Romagna in northern Italy is the second in an ongoing translation series designed to allow ‘Italian authors who do not speak/write/dream only in Italian but in regional languages, to reach the world in English’. The Romagna poets featured in this anthology are part of a long and well-established tradition in the panorama of literature in dialect after the Second World War.

Giuseppe Bellosi presents parallel texts in Romagnolo and English from nine poets: Nevio Spadoni, Giuseppe Bellosi and Giovanni Nadiani belong to the Ravenna plain dialects; Laura Turci writes in the Meldola dialect, spoken in the hill area of Forlì; Dolfo Nardini uses the Cesena dialect; Fabio Molari a dialect of the Cesena hill area, similar to the Santarcangelo dialect of Annalisa Teodorani and Miro Gori from San Mauro. At the extreme south of Romagna is Francesco Gabellini, Riccione having distinctive characteristics from nearby Rimini.

Giuseppe Bellosi is a journalist and researcher specialising in the study of dialects, dialectal literature and folk traditions. He has published several academic books in these areas, as well as several poetry collections in Italian.

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