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MINUS: A novel

Authors: Roman Senchin

Published by Glas New Russian Writing

ISBN: 9785717200837

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Minus is the diminutive for Minusinsk, a town in Siberia where Senchin lived in the 1990s, when the emerging market economy hit ordinary people hardest and left many of them out of work. This autobiographical novel describes a group of disillusioned young people who have no more fighting spirit left and whose only consolation is drink and drugs. In contrast, their parents, the generation of the romantic 1960s, are depicted as survivors against all odds, although often that meant abandoning their professions, taking menial jobs, growing their own food or becoming street traders.

Each character represents thousands of people living their lives in small villages and towns in post-Soviet Russia. The reader is drawn into the life of this bleak Siberian town with its glorious past and grim present.

Minus is in fact a manifesto for the Russian Generation X, which replaced the Soviet generation.

“… Minus depicts post-Soviet Siberians as people with dormant inner power languishing in the cage of their circumstances.” — Die Welt

“Roman Senchin has succeeded in portraying the very heart of today’s ‘superfluous people’.” — Tagesspiegel

Roman Senchin, born in 1971, grew up in Siberia and recently moved to Moscow. He is one of the most talented and expressive spokesmen for his generation and a leader of the so-called “New Realism”. He has five novels and many short stories to his name and has won several prestigious literary prizes. His work has been translated into German, French and other languages. Minus was published in Germany by DuMont to very good reviews.
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