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Moon Wheels

Moon Wheels

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Ruth Fainlight's poems "give us truly new visions of usual and mysterious events" (A.S. Byatt). Each poem is a balancing act between thought and feeling, revealing otherness within the everyday, often measuring subtle shifts in relationships between women and men.

Images of the moon, however interpreted ñ whether as stern and stony presence or protective maternal symbol ñ recur throughout Ruth Fainlight's work. Moon Wheels includes 33 new poems, as well as poems resurrected from her sequence Twelve Sibyls (1991) and from her out-of-print collection This Time of Year (1993), and translations of leading modern Latin American poets, including CÈsar Vallejo and Sophia de Mello Breyner.

"Her voice can be cutting as well as lyricalÖ Fainlight is terrific on the subject of ageing."
Helen Dunmore, Poetry Review

"Bright and glitteringÖ Her work has matured elegantly, and this too is an exhilarating book."
Margaret Drabble, The Guardian (Books of the Year)

"The drive is towards the perception at the end. The poem feels its way forward, talking as it goesÖ Fainlight is concerned with the soul."
George Szirtes, The London Magazine

"She combines, often in one poem, the personal and the austerely detached, and excels at the uncanny note of casual recognition."
The Oxford Companion to English Literature

"One rarely meets with such exotic writing outside the pages of Wallace Stevens, and this has the advantage of being totally intelligible."
Neil Curry, The North