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Moving Still

Authors: Barbara Dordi

Published by Cinnamon Press

ISBN: 9781905614691

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In this fine and beautifully judged collection Barbara Dordi shows us that she stands lightly on the soft and fragile ground between visual art and the written word, holding the moving world still (as in 'The Weald in Winter') or taking the frozen moment and calling it into life (as in Miss Jekyll’s gardening boots). She shows us the art in 'Eden Revisited' and the artist in 'Le Flâneur de Montmartre', and now and then uses a separate voice to bridge the space between the two, as when 'Little Marie Cleans Cézanne’s Atelier'.

"I now have access to more eyes and more voices than I ever thought possible. A book I shall treasure."
Ann Drysdale

Barbara Dordi edits the long-established magazine Equinox and more recently became editor of French Literary Review. She lives in France.

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