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Naked Punch - 14

Published by Naked Punch

ISBN: 2207217454344

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Naked Punch 14 features an interview with scholar of Islam and New Stateman columnist Zia Sardar, covering Islam, Sufism, the War on Terror and issues surrounding Muslims in the West. There is also a featured essay by Latin American poet Martin Espada examining aspects of poetry in Puerto Rico.

The extensive Art section features two dossiers. The first, written by Juliana Cerqueira Leite looks at art in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She interviews artists, gallery owners and critics to understand the underlying trends and ideas behind art in Sao Paulo.

The Poetry section features a special on Brighton poetry. A wave of young British poets is charting a decidedly new course. We feature an interview with Keston Sutherland, a leading poet of the group, and present their poems. Finally, famed critic and philosopher Arthur Danto is interviewed on his work and life. Also included are reviews of the art of William Kentridge and our regular graphic novel.
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