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Authors: Jen Bervin

Published by Ugly Duckling Presse

ISBN: 9780972768436

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A beautiful blend of classic poetry and contemporary art, Nets sees Jen Bervin rework the Shakespearean sonnets, stripping them bare and lifting out individual words to create entirely new pieces. The result is a unique take on the possibilities inherent in all poetry, and a unique gift for any follower of the Bard.

”Jen Bervin has reimagined Shakespeare as our true contemporary. Her little poems sing.”
Paul Auster

Nets has the strange feel of verbal topography: the original sonnet text is a sort of plain that single, select words soar up from like jagged spires.”
Paul Collins, The Believer

“Bervin’s text breaks the urns of the sonnets into their fragmented parts… rendering the ghostly whole wholly ghostly.”
Philip Metres, Jacket

Jen Bervin is a poet and visual artist. Her recent text/textile books include The Dickinson Composites (Granary Books, 2010) and the limited-edition chapbook The Silver Book (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2010). Her work appears in many special collections, including the British Library, the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, the J. Paul Getty Museum and at Yale and Stanford. She lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

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