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No Theory of Everything

Authors: Martin Zarrop

Published by Cinnamon Press

ISBN: 9781909077584

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“A very intelligent collection that draws upon a knowledge of science to describe, in effective poetic terms, the impact of scientific thought and discovery in the twentieth century. Its mingling of science and history is especially telling, and it manages to make science compelling by showing its relevance to personal experience.” Ian Gregson

Martin Zarrop is a retired mathematician who wanted certainty but has found life more interesting and fulfilling by not getting it. He was born in London but has lived in the Manchester area since 1980. He started writing poetry in May 2006 and has been published in various magazines and anthologies. In 2011 he completed the MA in Creative Writing at Manchester University. No Theory of Everything is his debut collection and was a winner of the Cinnamon Press Pamphlet Prize.

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