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Now Legwarmers

Published by Henningham Family Press

ISBN: 9781999797416

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"On a housing estate called ClonduffSiberia deep in the middle of nowhere really, the body of a horse named RottingDead lies buried in the garden of a house that no family has moved into yet. The body of this horse does not have a head attached but it does have a heart, and its heart is lonely and filled with longing."

John and his mother, grieving for his father, move to ClonduffSiberia. John meets Angela at a youth club disco and she introduces him to kissing, Bowie and cigarettes. Suddenly a girl goes missing and the answer seems to lie in the grown-up world of love and loss John is struggling to navigate.

Pursued by vivid ghosts, anxious visions and ne'er-do-wells, John takes us with him as he finds himself, in the wrong place.

"I wanted to reach into the book and tell him that eventually everything will be okay. His description of small town life is excruciatingly perfect, his attention to detail is exquisite. It's a gem of a book."  -- Marian Keyes

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