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On the Lookout

Authors: Jeremy Kingston

Published by Hearing Eye

ISBN: 9781905082308

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…What lives in that gap, just out of sight?
Perhaps if I scraped with this finger
a glittering beetle
would scuttle out of its shelter. I’d like that.
And what if something very much larger,
very much nastier,
grabbed hold of the end of my finger
and wouldn’t let go,
and couldn’t let go because of its incurving teeth
and pulled me into the tree?

Perhaps I’d like that too.

From What If

On the Lookout is Jeremy Kingston’s first collection. Using a variety of verse forms, rhymed and unrhymed, the poems express feelings on being a child, a husband and a parent, involvements with lovers male and female, and responses to mythologies ancient and modern, from biblical patriarchs and Ancient Greek heroes to abuses of reason down the ages, up to the present curse of the Olympic Games.

'Modern poetry welcomes Jeremy Kingston’s return to writing verse.'
– Adrian Brown, Poet

Jeremy Kingston was born in London and brought up in various Home Counties before returning to live in London. Two of his stage plays have been produced in the West End and more on the Fringe, most recently Oedipus at the Crossroads and Making Dickie Happy. He is the author of a novel and two children’s books. For ten years he was the theatre critic of Punch, and for the past twenty has been a theatre critic on The Times. He has always written poetry but since the mid-90s has been doing so regularly.
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