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Parrots, Poets, Philosophers and Good Advice

Authors: Raymond Geuss

Published by Hearing Eye

ISBN: 9781870841634

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Raymond Geuss, Professor of philosophy at Cambridge University and author of the seminal The Idea of a Critical Theory and Morality, Culture & History is also a poet.

"Geuss' collection of "didactic poems", Parrots, Poets, Philosophers & Good Advice, is full of wit, alcohol and bawdy high spirits."
Matthew Reisz, Times Higher Education Supplement

Here, he has gathered together a series of instructional poems on how to live based on the works of Plato, Catullus, Juvenal, Martial, Euripides, Sappho and Aeschylus, whose works appear in the original Latin and Greek alongside Geuss's contemporary equivalents. Topics include eating, drinking, work, indigency, old age, looks, cleanliness, sex, death, and the posthumous evaluation of human achievement.

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