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Peter Finch: Selected Poems

Authors: Peter Finch

Published by Seren

ISBN: 9780907476740

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Risk and range in form and articulated life: that is the excellence of Peter Finch's poetry since the 1960s, outstanding in the dull conventions of official British poetry of these decades.

From the sensuous care in linear form of 'We are in the Fields' to the collage-poem 'Visual Text Makes it as Super-hero', from typescript poems to a shrewd parody of R.S. Thomas, and 'Putting Kingsley Amis in the Microwave', here is a record of exploration and discovery.

"Finch's visual, tactile and sound forms create language capabilities unknown before. He has become a leading poet and linguistic innovator and taken his place in the international field of soundtext poetry. Selected Poems, with Finch's own Introduction, will now substantiate an already celebrated career for a new generation of readers who care for creativity without repetition"
Eric Mottram
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