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Authors: David Floyd

Published by Hearing Eye

ISBN: 9781905082643

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David Floyd combines a dry, sardonic wit with a quirky and original imagination. Floyd’s poetry inhabits a world most of his readers will recognize – especially those who spend time waiting at bus stops and dealing with unwanted mail from big organisations. But he looks at this world with a very individual eye and while his observations are often very funny they are also perceptive and sometimes surprisingly tender.

"Protest is an enjoyable read; and it also bears re-reading. Many of the poems contain felicitous touches you might be tempted to share with someone else in the room/on the bus beside you. Floyd (who, incidentally, is a good reader of his own work) does what he does very well indeed."
Michael Bartholew-Biggs, Poetry Review

David Floyd’s poetry has been published in magazines and anthologies including South Bank Poetry, Morning Star, Well Versed (Hearing Eye, 2008), and In the Company of Poets (Hearing Eye, 2000). His pamphlet War in the Playground was published by Hearing Eye in 2003.  Before co-founding the community interest company Social Spider in 2003, David worked for four years as editor of Exposure magazine, the multi-award-winning youth participation project based in North London. He currently sits on the editorial boards of a range of magazines and periodicals straddling the line between arts and social action. He has consulted for, among others: The Connection at St Martins, Collage Arts, The Bridge New Deal for Communities, the GLA, Connexions North London, Communities in Focus, ABCtales.com, Hearing Eye press, Get Ethical.com and The Big Issue.

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