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Relic Environments

Authors: Estill Pollock

Published by Cinnamon Press

ISBN: 9781905614325

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This is Estill Pollock's eighth collection and the accomplishment of the work is evident in every beautifully crafted piece.

The first section, 'Mystery Tramp Eclogues', features poems of scope and ambition that reveal kaleidoscopic layer after layer of nuances. The language has the ability to be both precise yet shifting, and is always engaging, inviting the reader to become immersed in the rhythm as well as the multiple meanings. The second section of the collection, 'Revelations of a Lesser Wife', re-constructs poetry from fragments left by Yu Xuanji, a ninth-century Chinese courtesan.

All in all, the poems are exquisite: lucid, evocative and deeply humane.
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