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Ring of Stones

Authors: Marianne Jones

Published by Cinnamon Press

ISBN: 9781905614967

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Winner of the Cinnamon Press Novella Award.

Growing up on a remote Scottish island Ceit is torn between possibilities that offer progress and escape, but threaten the fragile traditional existence that has been her world. The struggle to maintain the island’s identity, language and culture seems inextricably linked with disturbing facts about the high infant mortality rate in Ceit’s traditional community and the use of domestic violence against those who question too much.

Are outsiders like the Moores, the school teachers, merely a threat to the local language and harbingers of an empire that no-one wants to be part of, or can Ceit find a way to bring together disparate worlds and discover her own identity in the process?

"This novella makes for a compelling read... vividly evoked through meticulous attention to detail throughout this story. I thoroughly enjoyed this novella and applaud its characterisation, evocation of place and period, and thematic richness."
Fiona Owen

Marianne Jones was born shortly before the end of World War II and grew up on Ynys Môn/Anglesey, where she now lives with her husband, an environmental campaigner. After completing a first degree and qualifying as a teacher, she lived and worked abroad for several years: in Kyushu, Tokyo, Vancouver and Montreal. When she arrived back in Britain, she worked as a lecturer/teacher of English as a second language and later as co-ordinator of Japanese educational projects. She has since completed a second MA (the first was in Montreal) and a postgraduate diploma in multicultural education.
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