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Rome the Sorceress / La Sorciere de Rome

Authors: Andre Frenaud

Published by Bloodaxe Books

ISBN: 9781852243180

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Poetry Book Society Recommended Translation

Bloodaxe Contemporary French Poets: 7

Translated by Keith Bosley (Bilingual edition).

"This book uses the city of Rome as a focus for an impassioned meditation on culture and barbarism, faiths and revolts, cruelties and aspirations."
Edwin Morgan

First known for his war-time poems written from a German labour camp - notably his sombre reworkings of the myth of the Magi - AndrÈ FrÈnaud (1907-1993) is one of the most searching of French poets. His work is structured by a sense of quest, which gives it its labyrinthine patterns, underground tensions and fractured, inventive forms. His poetry has an epic and tragic dimension: spurred by an urge for transcendence, it refuses false paradises, arrivals and notions of reconciliation.
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