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Rooms of the Mind

Published by Cinnamon Press

ISBN: 9781907090240

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Rooms of the Mind is an extraordinary collection of short stories.

The disquieting novella-length title piece is told by the owner of a house for sale:

'Today is my 31st birthday but I have struggled to find a mirror in a room which is open to me. In the end I looked in the toaster unable to tell whether the stains and blemishes were on the stainless steel of the appliance or the stainless steel of my face. My hair is still its natural colour. Natural. That is not a world many people would use about me. Abnormal. Dysfunctional. Difficult was a favourite when I was young.'

As prospective buyers are shown around, each room gives away a piece of the strange, disturbing and compelling narrative. Complemented by short stories that crackle with wit and strangeness, this is a brilliant debut collection from a writer who we are certain to hear more from.

Catherine Chanter grew up in the West Country and studied English at St. Anne’s College, Oxford. After several years as a lobbyist in the UK and abroad, she re-trained as a teacher, specialising in supporting children with behavioral difficulties and worked at The Tavistock in London. She is currently completing an MA in writing. Catherine writes novellas, short stories and poetry, and has also written for Radio 4. Her short story ‘A Summer of Findings’ was shortlisted for the 2009 Asham Award, and appeared in the Bloomsbury anthology Waving at the Gardener (2009) alongside stories from Margaret Atwood, Esther Freud, Alison MacLeod and Yiyun Li.
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