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Roses & Revolutionists: The Story of the Clousden Hill Free Communist and Co-operative Colony 1894–1909

Authors: Nigel Todd

Published by Five Leaves Publications

ISBN: 9781910170175

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Clousden Hill was a famous late-Victorian utopian back-to-the-land experimental community on Tyneside. The “colony” was anarchist-inspired and sought to combine communal living with “scientific horticulture”, demonstrating a new way of organising society.

The colony was started by a group of Kropotkin’s followers who wanted to put his theories into practice by forming a twenty-acre farming community organised on anarcho-communist lines. Two of the main figures in the foundation of the colony were Frank Kapper and William Key, who had met at a Cooperative Congress, and who claimed to have been influenced by the Owenite, E.T. Craig, who had been a member of the Ralahine Commune.

Nigel Todd is a leading Councillor on Newcastle City Council and works for the WEA in the North East. His previous books include The Militant Democracy: Joseph Cowan and Victorian Radicalism and In Excited Times – the people against the Blackshirts. He is a contributor to North East History, History of Education and Journal of Cooperative Studies.

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