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Sadakichi Hartmann: Collected Poems, 1886-1944

ISBN: 9780993505621

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Edited by Floyd Cheung

“If one hadn’t been oneself it would have been worthwhile to have been Sadakichi” - Ezra Pound

Situated between Walt Whitman and Ezra Pound, Sadakichi Hartmann is one of the missing links in American poetry. Friend to both poets, he influenced a whole generation of writers and artists in New York. Edited and introduced by Dr Floyd Cheung, this first-ever collected poems of Sadakichi Hartmann will help uncover one of modern poetry’s most unique and overlooked characters.

“This first ever edition of Hartmann’s collected poems intervenes in the history of Modernism and allows the 21st-century reader to luxuriate in the fruity, over-saturated fragrance of the King of the Bohemians, the first explorer of the haiku in English, and the first Asian American counterculturalist.”  - Ken Chen, Executive Director of Asian American Writers’ Workshop

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