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Published by Five Leaves Publications

ISBN: 9781905512942

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London by night in the 1940s. The decaying back streets of Soho and the then sad but elegant squares of Bloomsbury provide the backdrop for a range of characters, making a living – or not making a living – in dubious way in this satirical novel. Ivan Ginsberg tries to escape his failure by setting up a literary magazine, Scamp.

The book is introduced by Iain Sinclair who spent decades trying to trace the mysterious Roland Camberton, whose life was as strange as many of his characters.

Roland Camberton (Henry Cohen) was born in Manchester in 1921 and was educated in Hackney. After RAF service he worked in various jobs. After his second novel, [i]Rain on the Pavements[/i], he vanished almost without trace, publishing nothing more. His daughter, who he never met, lives in London. Unavailable for decades, copies of Camberton’s books now trade for hundreds of pounds on the internet.
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