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Published by Cinnamon Press

ISBN: 9781907090585

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John Fraser Williams is a poet who keeps ‘the oath: not to kill amazement’. The poetry in this debut collection balances awe and mystery with a keen sense of clarity and sharp focus. Able to push his work to the boundaries of language, Fraser Williams delights and unsettles: journeying from the landscape of home in north Wales to more interior places, bringing to light what is hidden and unsettling.

These are the maps of circumstance.
Through the metal gate,
a beating hiss, that chill
which brings transparency,
you’ll visit continents, explore
your archaeology of flesh,
where forces ride, and
time and chance collide.
(from ‘Scan’)

John Fraser Williams is widely published in magazines, including Poetry Wales and Planet. In 2009 he was recognised by Literature Wales as a key emerging writer and awarded a New Writer Bursary.

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