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Authors: Lesley Ingram

Published by Cinnamon Press

ISBN: 9781909077720

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“Lesley Ingram’s wild, direct poems enfold furies and flowers. They throb with colours, ‘anger-red’, ‘as green as the kelp shawl’. Compellingly strange, Ingram’s lines re-create both the menace of the ‘Butterfly Whisperer’, and the ‘Fire-starter’s’ memories of ‘the cold of flight’. This is a vivid, vital first collection.” - Alison Brackenbury

“A haunting collection whose returns to sea, salt and bone explore the brackishness of human relations, the kinship we crave with the non-human, and our desire to trade flesh for something less encumbering.” - Damian Walford Davies

Lesley Ingram was born in Yorkshire,and lives in Ledbury. She won the Ludlow Fringe poetry competition in 2013 and has been anthologised and published in many virtual and physical poetry magazines.

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