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Sellotaping Rain to My Cheek

Published by Burning Eye Books

ISBN: 9781909136243

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This collaboration between poet Dan Cockrill and cartoonist Tony Husband showcases two creative talents working in symbiosis. Created together in close collaboration the combination of the two elements in each poem/cartoon transcend either medium to achieve something greater. The light comedy and pathos of Dan Cockrill (surely the Roger McGough of his generation?) blends perfectly with newspaper cartoonist Tony Husband’s drawings to make this delightful book something we can all relate to.

Poet Dan Cockrill is the driving force behind London’s Bang Said The Gun and the pop-up Poetry Take Away. He was banned by the BBC in 2002 for accidentally swearing on air and has not been invited back. Born in Essex his Dad was a window cleaner and his Mum made TV aerials in a local factory. This meant that he always had a good reception and a clear view out the window.

Tony Husband has been a full-time cartoonist since 1984. His cartoons have appeared in Private Eye, The Times, Punch, Playboy, The Sunday Express, The Spectator and The Sun. He has won more than 15 major awards, including the Pont Award for depicting the British way of life. Yobs, which he draws for Private Eye, is one of the best-known comic-strips in Britain.

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