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Seven Cities of Old

Authors: Mike Wild

Published by Snowbooks

ISBN: 9781909679269

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1884. “Do I have a plan? I just found out! Of course I don’t have a f**king plan!” They call them The Altered States: Texas, Colorado, Wyoming and beyond. Half a continent gone to hell. Half a continent home to grotesques, monsters and madmen. Between it and civilisation stands Westwatch and the men and women of the Department for Research into Advanced Weaponry – the agents of D.R.A.W. – who are about to have a very bad day. For what starts as a routine investigation of smuggled ancient artefacts catapults Ginny Dare, Posse Cat, Jiminy Crocket and Marshal Marshal Marshal into a race to stop a being older than the universe bringing about the end of all worlds. Runaway trains, besieged airships, raging river rafts and a gunfight with an army of the dead – with, if they’re lucky, a whisky, in between – are just a few challenges they’ll face before unlocking the secret of the Altered States, buried deep beneath the earth in one of the Seven Cities of Old ...

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