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Authors: Wes Brown

Published by Valley Press

ISBN: 9781908853233

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This debut novel centres around ex-soldier and violent deadbeat John Usher, who returns from the Iraq War to find his boyhood home of Leeds forever changed. His community has been unravelled by gang culture, ethnic tensions, and hopelessness. Unable to sleep, his only consolation is drinking late into the night and playing pool alone. That is, until an encounter with a hard right activist leads him into a twisted relationship of deceit, cuckoldry and hate.

“Wes Brown writes with a kind of rhythmic Northern realism, catching the way we think, the way we talk, the way we act round here.”
Ian McMillan

“Here we have that rare artefact: a contemporary, regional, working class novel written with the ideas-based, language currency of the great transatlantic stylists: Updike, Bellow, DeLillo and Martin Amis.”
Danny Broderick

“Wes Brown is one of the best young writers around at the moment. His story-telling skills are extraordinary, but it is the dark, at times, noirish tone of Shark that sets it apart from its contemporaries.”
Anthony Clavane

Wes Brown is a writer based in Leeds. He currently works as a Co-ordinator at the National Association of Writers in Education, and recently edited the anthology LS13: A New Generation of Leeds Writers.

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