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Slate Voices: Islands of the Netherlorn

Published by Cinnamon Press

ISBN: 9781909077249

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Observing the metamorphosis of both land and culture, this dual collection builds into a powerful psycho-geography of place and people in relation to the poets sifting through ruins and remnants. Once thriving industrial centres, characterized by harsh lives, premature death, and loss, Cwmorthin and the Islands of Netherlorn also thrummed with strong traditions, flourishing cultures and local language. Today Cwmorthin in North Wales and the Islands of Netherlorn off the coast of Scotland are rural havens.

Jan Fortune writes poetry, fiction and non-fiction. She is co-founder and editor of Cinnamon Press and lives in North Wales. She has worked as a teacher, priest, charity director and creative writing tutor.

Mavis Gulliver has had poems published in Envoi, Poetry Monthly, Purple Patch, Littoral, Iota, Poetry Scotland and several other small press publications. She lives on the Isle of Islay.

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