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So Far, So Near

Authors: Matt Coward

Published by Elastic Press

ISBN: 9780955318108

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My cat gets inside the TV and kills people. I know it does, I've seen
it. But you just cannot argue with nature...

Killer cats. Just one of the extraordinary ideas spun into story by Mat Coward, a writer whose fiction is underpinned by an oblique sense of humour and infused with his wry take on life. Time travel, flying saucers, and little green men are often Science Fiction's starting points, but rarely have they been given the affectionate twists that Coward bestows on them. If you believe science fiction is the fiction of ideas then this unique collection is for you.

Journey through these sixteen stories and unravel the mystery of dead ghosts, discover why fresh air is so clean, and understand why the Joke Squad is one of the busiest in the police force, whilst Coward's characters deal with infestations of horses, witches running call centres, and ponder the eternal question: if time travel is possible then where are all the time travellers?

Mat Coward: Born 1960. Lives in Somerset. His short stories - crime, Science Fiction, children's, humour, slipstream, horror and fantasy - have appeared in dozens of magazines, anthologies and e-zines in the UK, US, Europe, Australia and Japan, been broadcast on BBC radio, and shortlisted for the Dagger and Edgar awards

His books include the l writers Guide, Success & How To Avoid It, Twenty
, a children's SF adventure. Up and Down (and various
sequels; a whodunit series for adults), The Pocket Essentials Classic
Radio Comedy
, and Do the World a Favour and other stories.

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