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Someone Else's Life

Authors: Kapka Kassabova

Published by Bloodaxe Books

ISBN: 9781852246174

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Kapka Kassabova is a young Bulgarian ÈmigrÈ poet who writes in English but with a European imagination.

"Kapka Kassabova has brought the turbulent memories of 20th Century European history with her to New ZealandÖ a truly international picture of what it means to be young and sensitive in the modern world."
Clive James

"Supreme clarity and fearless candor... a book of perpetual exile, of endless comings and goings... skeptical, riveting, passionate."
Mark Strand

Kapka Kassabova was born in 1973 and grew up in Bulgaria until she was 16. Her family emigrated first to Britain, then to New Zealand where she lived until 2004. Someone elseís life (Bloodaxe Books, 2003), included work from two collections published in New Zealand as well as new poems. This was followed by Geography for the lost (Bloodaxe Books, 2007). She has also published two novels with Penguin, Reconnaissance, winner of the 2000 Commonwealth Writerís Prize for Asia-Pacific, and Love in the Land of Midas. She now lives in Edinburgh and writes travel guides.
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