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Spectral Crossings

Authors: Michael McBride

Published by Snowbooks

ISBN: 9781905005918

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Sixteen years ago, Steve's brother Brian disappeared without a trace. They'd been playing in a nearby marsh when a sudden storm broke, so everybody assumed Brian had drowned. But they never found his body, and Steve was certain he'd seen more than just rain and lighting.
Now the land surrounding the marsh is being developed, new houses built and bought as quickly as possible. So it's no surprise that when bones -- human bones -- are found on site, the evidence is disposed of and kept quiet. But the area is plagued by something, and the fresh tragedies can't be hidden away like dusty remains.
Steve will find his life drawn back to the spot where Brian lost his own all those years ago, and this time he's determined to track down that which he had only once caught glimpses of. Flesh. Blood. Death. And the dark figure which lords over it all.
There and gone as quickly as lightning strikes.

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