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"Andy Croft helps to keep us cheerful." — Penniless Press

Sticky is a book of poems about an age of imperial slaughter already sticky with blood and lies. Sticks and stones may break our bones, but depleted uranium really hurts us.

Sticky is a book about the stuck and the sticky, the straight and the crooked. Armed with only a pile of spooky sticks - and a sticky file of spooks - Andy Croft sets off in search of the Land of Righteousness.

He gets the wrong end of the stick in Vulgaria and finds himself in a sticky situation in Mudfog. When he meets the ghosts of Brecht, Bunyan and Baron Munchausen - by the banks of the river Styx - he realises he can’t stick it any more. It’s poetry for the pessimistick…

"An incredibly diverse selection of poems that covers a whole range of thoughts and experiences... Honest, moving and often funny."
Morning Star

"[…] there’s a grand tradition of British poetry that ranges from Byron and before right through to music hall performers like Billy Bennett, and yes, dare I say it, Pam Ayres, that acknowledge the power of rhyme. I don’t think Andy Croft will object to being included in a line of popular poetry that pulls in all these people, […] he himself can do it skilfully."
Jim Burns, Ambit

"This is fine stuff, the voice lilting but infinitely sad. This is Picardy with roses blooming again."
Tears in the Fence