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Storm at Galesburg

Published by Cinnamon Press

ISBN: 9781905614875

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Storm at Galesburg brings together the best stories and poetry submitted for the Cinnamon Press Writing Award.

The title story by the widely published reviewer and short story writer, Jeremy Worman, is a slow build, full of atmosphere and impeccably controlled. With other stories by award-winning Welsh author, Huw Lawrence; the young Irish writer attracting attention for his forensic attention to detail and ability to describe the strange, Miceál Kearney; European writer, Brigita Pavsic’s haunting, honed style and a poignant, disturbing tale from Guatemalan based author, Cassandra Passarelli, the prose in this anthology is sure to delight and engage readers.

The poetry represents some of the best new voices to listen for, with excellent writing from Sally Lewis, Will Kemp, Ben Parker, David Underwood and Aisling Tempany.

Lyrical writing which explores the boundaries of language, love and identity. Storm at Galesburg is an anthology to savour.
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