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Subtle Edens

Authors: Allen Ashley

Published by Elastic Press

ISBN: 9780955318191

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What is Slipstream? Slipstream may use the tropes and ideas of science fiction, fantasy and horror but is not bound by their rules. Slipstream may appear to be conventional literary fiction but falls outside the staid boundaries of the mainstream. In short, Slipstream is the most important, innovative and relevant fictional response to the challenges of the twenty-first century. Genre is dead; long live the genre that is not a genre!

In this anthology, award-winning editor Allen Ashley has collected 21 brand new Slipstream stories from across the globe from both established and up and coming writers. This is the fiction to thrill, puzzle, excite and disturb. You have nothing to lose but your preconceptions.

Allen Ashley is a published author with three books and more than 100 stories in print. His previous editorial role resulted in a British Fantasy Society Best Anthology award for The Elastic Book of Numbers. Allen lives and works in London.
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