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Sunflower Equations

Authors: June English

Published by Hearing Eye

ISBN: 9781905082346

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…Twenty, nineteen, eighteen, seventeen,
she’s coming back – sixteen, fifteen,
she’s almost there, fourteen, thirteen –
my heart drums against my rib-cage –
twelve, eleven – the helicopter whirr
of a bee’s wings and its body bouncing
off the window, mad bent on escape – ten, nine,
come on, you can do it..... I open my eyes,
note tubes, drips, the doctors bending over me;
a nurse is rubbing my hands, another
supports me as I turn my face to greet
the sun’s warmth, crying
for the living hell of it.

From Between Worlds

‘June English... is a truth-teller. She is good at finding love where traditionally it isn’t; she is also brilliant at conveying the weird moments we can recognise but not describe.’ — U A Fanthorpe

‘June English is a gutsy, erotic, tender poet whose poems, with their wit and pith, spring off the page.’ — Patricia McCarthy (editor, Agenda Magazine)

June English was born in Dover, Kent in 1936. As a mature student, she read English and History at the University of Kent, followed by an MA in Humanities. Her first collection of poetry, Counting the Spots, (Acumen 2000), was short-listed for the BBC ‘New Voices’ programme. The Sorcerer’s Arc was published by Hearing Eye in 2005.
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