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Taja Kramberger: Selected Poems

Authors: Taja Kramberger

Published by Arc Publications

ISBN: 9781908376077

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This selection of poems from Taja Kramberger’s last three collections is a magnificent introduction to the poet’s work.

These narrative poems hold immense power and a fighting spirit that drives the long lines to right the balance of oppression and lost histories. Finding the political in the scurrying of ants and of wrinkles, the voice within these poems is low, insistent and persuasive. The collection jostles with people, famous and invisible, living out lives that all hold significance for the poet, and celebrate the power of every individual, whoever they are, making these ultimately uplifting and affirming poems.

Taja Kramberger has published nine books of poetry, two books for children, one drama, translated eight books of literature. Her poems have appeared in many languages in various literary anthologies and reviews in Slovenia and abroad. Throughout her career she has participated at some 60 international poetry festivals, has been six times shortlisted for poetry awards, and in 2007 won the Award Veronika for the best book of 2006.

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