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Tell it Like it Might Be

Published by Smokestack Books

ISBN: 9780955402845

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Tell It Like it Might Be sets out to celebrate and question the value of the human imagination.

It is the source of grand designs and idle fancies, a key to empathy, tenderness and vision, utopia and desire. It can nourish faith, hope, mystery and love.

But the imagination has other functions too, spinning webs of private fears and public deceit, guilt and blame, the easy lie and the terrible falsehood.

These poems are miniature studies in illusion and delusion, false memories, lovers’ deceptions and lying dossiers endorsing war. But beware of scepticism: sometimes the implausible is also true.

“His mathematically flavoured poems, scattered throughout the text, entertain and amuse.” — Jan A. Snyman, SIAM Review

Michael Bartholomew-Biggs is Reader in Computational Mathematics at the University of Hertfordshire. His previous books of poetry include Anglicised by Common Use, Inklings of Complicity and Uneasy Relations (Hearing Eye – ISBN: 978-1-905082-31-5 - £3.00)
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