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The Book of Istanbul: A City in Short Fiction

Published by Comma Press

ISBN: 9781905583317

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"Full of insights and surprises" - The Guardian, 'Ten Best Books Set in Istanbul'.

Istanbul. Seat of empire. Melting pot where East meets West. Fingertip touching-point between continents.

Featuring: Türker Armaner - Murat Gülsoy - Nedim Gürsel - Muge Iplikci - Karin Karakasli - Sema Kaygusuz - Gönül Kivilcim - Mario Levi - Özen Yula - Mehmet Zaman Saçlioglu.

Even today there are many different versions of the city, different communities, distinct peoples, each with their own turbulent past and challenging interpretation of the present; each providing a distinct topography on which the fictions of the city can play out.

This book brings together ten short stories from some of Turkey’s leading writers, taking us on a literary tour of the city, from its famous landmarks to its darkened back streets, exploring the culture, history, and most importantly people that make it the great city it is today. From the exiled writer recalling his appetite for a lost lover, to the mad, homeless man directing traffic in a freelance capacity… the contrasting perspectives of these stories surprise and delight in equal measure, and together present a new kind of guide to the city.

Gul Turner was born in Istanbul. After graduating in Journalism and Public Relations, she completed a Masters in Marketing. She then worked as a cultural correspondent in Milliyet newspaper and as a Communication and Marketing Manager in Dogan Books. She has organised cultural events and literature festivals. She lives and works in England.

Jim Hinks has worked at Comma Press since 2005, when he helped set up Comma’s translation imprint, with the remit of bringing the best foreign short fiction to an English-reading audience. He’s the editor of Brace: A new Generation in Short Fiction and ReBerth: Stories from Cities on the Edge. A graduate of the University of Manchester’s Novel Writing MA, Jim is also a part-time lecturer on the Publishing MA at the University of Central Lancashire. He also works as an Assistant Coordinator for Literature Northwest, devising and hosting training seminars for the region's independent publishers.

Produced in association with the British Council. With support from the Ministry of Culture and Tourist of the Republic of Turkey - TEDA Project.
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