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The Forest Under the Sea

The Forest Under the Sea

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New collection from John Barnie.

Praise for The Forest Under the Sea:

"There's a precise, epigrammatic quality to the writing here, a dislike of excess and overstatement, as if the author keeps waking up in a world that's a little emptier than the day before."
Charles Bainbridge, The Guardian

"Characterized by a probing seriousness, the volume is also energized by Barnie's trademark ironies – a wryness he sees operating in the structures of the universe. His vision is best described as teasingly dark. Longlisted for the 2007 Book of the Year award for his previous collection, Trouble in Heaven, John Barnie proves with The Forest Under the Sea that he is unquestionably one of our most urgent contemporary voices."
Damian Walford Davies

Praise for previous collections:

"… He is a poet honest enough to confront head-on the implications of the scientific world-picture and refuses to seek false comfort in discarded verities. ... he is a poet too of vision, a vision which finds all-but-flawless, if miniature, form in a number of these poems…"
Roger Caldwell on Heroes in Poetry Wales

"… John Barnie's gloriously unclassifiable... There's an oscillation between the particularised diurnal reality and the larger perspectives of nature and eternity and death. Altogether an intriguing and enjoyable read…"
Nicholas Murray in Poetry Wales

John Barnie is a poet and essayist from Abergavenny, Gwent. He was editor of Planet, The Welsh Internationalist from 1990-2006. He has published several collections of poems, mixed poems and fiction, and two collections of essays, one of which, The King of Ashes, won a Welsh Arts Council Prize for Literature in 1990. His collection Trouble in Heaven (2007) was on the Wales Book of the Year 2008 Long List. John Barnie plays guitar in the bilingual blues and poetry group Llaeth Mwnci Madoc/Madoc's Moonshine. He is a Fellow of Academi.