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The Fugitive Three

Authors: Mike Jenkins

Published by Cinnamon Press

ISBN: 9781905614462

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In the South Wales town of Cwmtaff Shelly Bush, a fiery, intelligent girl whose mother died of a drug overdose leaving her at the mercy of a harsh 'care' system; Sam Taylor, who seems adept only at getting life wrong and Mary Croft, a gifted A-level student who feels alienated from her father after the death of her mother, and betrayed by her boyfriend, find their stories coming together as one of them insists on hope and rebellion in the face of overwhelming odds.

Sharp, funny, fast paced and precisely executed, The Fugitive Three is a dazzling display of dialect, plot and characters who, despite their flaws, are completely believable and eminently likeable.

"… narrated in a clipped, cartoon-like manner, blunt and humorous… The Fugitive Three is about isolation and the loss of the mother. It concerns the indifference (and worse) of society and shows how youngsters may be scarred but still possess a razor-edge resilience that can help them survive their wasted lives."
John Pikoulis
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