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The Golden Rule

Published by Boatwhistle Books

ISBN: 9781911052005

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Relatively few people have read the poems of Ernest Noyes Brookings. Those that have invariably recognized something valuable and rare: the voice of a true original.

Having never written poetry before, during the last seven years of his life Brookings took to it with the vigor of youth or of a man with little time to spare. He wrote nearly four hundred poems on a wide variety of subjects - from Frankenstein to Harry Truman, from broken hearts to kissing, from chairs to rockets - all receiving equal attention and all arranged with his gentle mixture of faith and logic.

The Golden Rule now presents his best work in a single volume. With a biographical memoir by David Greenberger (editor of The Duplex Planet, and also the man who first encouraged Brookings to write), photographs and facsimiles of handwritten poems, this book commemorates a truly distinctive and wonderfully enjoyable writer.

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