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The Hitcher

Authors: Hannah Lowe

Published by The Rialto

ISBN: 9780955127359

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"Hannah Lowe's poems are hugely enjoyable, full of life as it is really lived, and manage to be completely unpredictable and yet at the same time utterly inevitable. She is an immensely talented writer, and this is an outstanding first collection."
Peter Sansom

"Hannah Lowe is a wonderfully evocative and lyrical writer. She handles form with an easy confidence but she is also a refreshingly able storyteller. With the publication of this pamphlet, Lowe will surely be recognised as one of the most exciting new voices in British poetry."
John Glenday

"Every now and again there arrives at a poetry magazine a poem that clearly announces a new voice. At The Rialto I think immediately of Peter Sansom's 'The Fox In The Writing Class' or Clare Pollard's 'The Heavy Petting Zoo'. 'Fist' which starts off Hannahís pamphlet is another such work. 'Here,' it says, 'is someone with something to say, and in brilliant command of the means of saying it.'"
Michael Mackmin

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