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The London Magazine - August / September 2009

Authors: Sara-Mae Tuson

Published by The London Magazine

ISBN: 19928-0024-6085

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Poems by Jacqueline Saphra, Tobias Hill, Martin Crucefix, Gary Allen, Maggie Butt, Robyn Bolam, Janice Fixter, Ailbhe Darcy, Sarah Fletcher, Valerie Jack, Agnes Meadows, Richard Barnett, Peter Abbs, Hugh Dunkerley, Eoghan Walls and Bernadette Cremin.

Short stories by Alison McLeod, Guy Ware and Tania Hershman

Mario Petrucci examines the interfaces between art and science.
Ruth Padel talks to The London Magazine about humanising Darwin.
In the first instalment of his Literary Anniversaries column, Matthew Scott looks back to1809.
Katy Evans-Bush visits the ICA’s Poor.Old.Tired.Horse exhibition of concrete poetry and its legacy.
Naomi Woddis examines Lisa Wright’s “The Histories”, an artist’s collaboration with the RSC.
Michael Blackburn discusses how the Labour government has betrayed us, for the Poets on Politics column.
Reviews by Nicholas Royle, Amy License, Dzifa Benson, Steve Haynes, Clive Joinson, Agnes Meadows, Dave Swann, Norbert Hirschhorn


Jacqueline Saphra, An Unofficial History, Double Science
Tobias Hill, The Reporter
Martin Crucefix, Stag beetle
Gary Allen, That summer, The next room
Maggie Butt, Pigalle, Cuba
Robyn Bolam, Troglodytes troglodytes
Janice Fixter, In the beginning
Ailbhe Darcy, Black Head, Ballyvaughan
Sarah Fletcher, Darwin’s Theory
Valerie Jack, Being Made Plastic
Agnes Meadows, The Invisible Fog
Richard Barnett, Cloud Study, Hampstead Heath; Going to the Dogs
Peter Abbs, The Infinite Silences, Things in Place
Hugh Dunkerley, Magpies
Eoghan Walls, Requiem for a Requiem Shark, A Bird in the Hand
Bernadette Cremin, Miss Physics


Alison McLeod, The Light
Guy Ware, All downhill from here
Tania Hershman, The Mathematics of Sunshine, Transparent


Mario Petrucci, The Artist and the Self in the Aftermath of Chernobyl
The London Magazine talks to Ruth Padel
Matthew Scott, 1809: Prose is verse
Katy Evans-Bush, Beauty and Meaning: Free the Word!
Naomi Woddis, This Darkened Area
Michael Blackburn, Poet on Politics: Unholy Trinity


Nicholas Royle, Daring debuts
Amy License, Mark Gertler: A Whitechapel Boy, A Century On
Dzifa Benson, Futurism at the Tate: Carrying the Weight of Rhetoric
Steve Haynes, Order out of Chaos
Clive Joinson, Transient Earthscapes: Richard Long at Tate Britain
Agnes Meadows, Close to Heaven but far from perfect
Dave Swann, A Soft Place in the Rock
Norbert Hirschhorn, Hosannas for Hiroshimas

Contributors: Peter Abbs, Gary Allen, Richard Barnett, Dzifa Benson, Michael Blackburn, Robyn Bolam, Maggie Butt, Bernadette Cremin, Martin Crucefix, Ailbhe Darcy, Hugh Dunkerley, Katy Evans-Bush, Janice Fixter, Sarah Fletcher, Tania Hershman, Norbert Hirschhorn, Tobias Hill, Valerie Jack, Clive Joinson, Amy License, Alison McLeod, Agnes Meadows, Mario Petrucci, Nicholas Royle, Jacqueline Saphra, Matthew Scott, Dave Swann, Eoghan Walls, Guy Ware, Naomi Woddis
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