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The London Magazine - August / September 2011

Published by The London Magazine

ISBN: 22670-0024-6085

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Poems by Gary Allen, Maggie Butt, Suzanne Conway, Lisa Dart, B.H. Fraser, Wendy French, Holly Howitt, Judith Kazantzis, John Kinsella, William Palmer, Roderick Simcox, Augusta Skye and Eoghan Walls.

Short stories by David McAlpine Cunningham, Malcolm Dixon and Maria Winnett.

‘The Renaissance as the Birth of the Multifarious Self’: Peter Abbs considers man’s desire to synthesise his many characteristics into a meaningful whole.

‘Our Barmy Bread’: Frank Armstrong laments the deterioration of a staple foodstuff.

‘The Contentions of Friendship: William Hayley, William Blake and the Writing of “Jerusalem”’: Diana Barsham sheds light on an artistic symbiosis.

‘On Writing’: Newspaper editor, Soumya Bhattacharya, reflects on an ethereal creative process.

‘What Happened to Generation X?’: On its twentieth anniversary Stephen Maughan looks back at an oft-exploited subculture and wonders what it produced.

‘The Battle of Maiwand’: Member of Parliament and ex-serviceman, Patrick Mercer, explains how the campaign in Afghanistan has suffered from a lack of historical perspective.

‘Remembering Patrick Leigh Fermor’: Jeffrey Meyers shares some personal memories of the larger-than-life character following his death at the age of ninety-six.

‘Over There: Tin-Pan Alley Goes to War’: Ian Whitcomb shows how music was used to rally Americans in wartime – and provides context for what is now just a very annoying television advert.


Gary Allen, 'Garvagh Election'
Maggie Butt, 'Time Travellers'
Suzanne Conway, 'Lilies'
Lisa Dart, 'Severe Sweetness'
B.H. Fraser, 'Blade of Bread'
Wendy French, 'Time and Tide'
Holly Howitt, 'Bare'
Judith Kazantzis, 'Moth'
John Kinsella, 'Eagle on Granite Boulder at Dusk'
William Palmer, 'What Time Is It?'
Roderick Simcox, 'The Man from Perugia'
Augusta Skye, 'Friends'
Eoghan Walls, 'Vertigo on the Glenshane Pass'


David McAlpine Cunningham, ‘Museum of Flight’
Malcolm Dixon, ‘Out There’
Maria Winnett, ‘A Short-term Overseas Contract’


Peter Abbs: 'The Renaissance as the Birth of the Multifarious Self'
Frank Armstrong: 'Our Barmy Bread'
Diana Barsham: 'The Contentions of Friendship: William Hayley, William Blake and the Writing of "Jerusalem"'
Soumya Bhattacharya: 'On Writing'
Stephen Maughan: 'What Happened to Generation X?'
Patrick Mercer: 'The Battle of Maiwand'
Jeffrey Meyers: 'Remembering Patrick Leigh Fermor'
Ian Whitcomb: 'Over There: Tin-Pan Alley Goes to War'


Bruce Anderson: Italophilia (David Gilmour, ‘The Pursuit of Italy’)
James Barr: The Life of the City (Simon Sebag Montefiore, ‘Jerusalem’)
Francis Gooding: Dead Parrot (Tate Britain, ‘The Vorticists’)
Terry Kelly: The Growth of a Poet’s Mind (Roger Garfitt, ‘The Horseman’s Word’)
Derwent May: A Tale of Two Fairs (‘Art Antiques London’ & ‘the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition’)
Andrew Nash: Comic Modulations (Holland Park Opera: ‘L’Amico Fritz’; ‘Don Pasquale’; ‘The Marriage of Figaro’ & ‘La Rondine’)
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