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The London Magazine - December 2011 / January 2012

Published by The London Magazine

ISBN: 22832-0024-6085

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Poems by Moniza Alvi, Ghayth Armanazi, Hugh Dunkerley, John Greening, Alexander Howard, Anthony Joseph, Mairi MacInnes, Paul Matthews, Katrina Naomi, Annemarie Ni Churreáin, Ciarán O’Rourke, Chris Rice and Peter Robinson.

Short stories by Adam Marek, Steven O’Brien and Conor Patrick.

‘Confessing to a Murder: The Crisis of Faith and Identity in the Nineteenth Century’: Another instalment of Peter Abbs’ history of self-examination, looking at life after God.

‘Too much of a Bad Thing’: Frank Armstrong continues his series on the anthropology of eating by considering our modern love affair with sugar.

‘Partners in Devotion: Canada’s Group of Seven’: Julian Beecroft provides an extraordinary account of Tom Thomson and his fellow painters having toured their topographical landscape.

‘Notes from Manchuria’: An intriguing excerpt from Flora Fraser’s travel diary.

‘"And Now I Live, and Now my Life is Done": The Literature of the Tower of London': Nigel Jones surveys the outpourings of the unfortunate inmates.

‘What Shall We Do with a Broken Soldier?’: MP and former Army Officer, Patrick Mercer, questions attitudes towards those injured in combat.

‘Iraqi Treasures: Theft from Humanity’: Walter Sommerfeld explains just how much has been lost to human understanding with the plunder of Iraq’s museums and archaeological sites.

‘A Visionary Infection: Georg Trakl’s Dream and Derangement’: Will Stone analyses the Austrian poet’s unique sense of imagery and movement.

‘The Privilege of Absurdity’: George Watson gives an appreciation of humour in literature.

‘The Long Lost History of the Arab Spring’: Johnny West muses on the changes sweeping the Middle East.


Moniza Alvi, 'Atlas'
Ghayth Armanazi, 'Beyond the Hurt'
Hugh Dunkerley, 'Dread'
John Greening, Two Poems
Alexander Howard, 'Edinburgh Buses'
Anthony Joseph, 'Ferris Bridges'
Mairi MacInnes, 'Finn’s People'
Paul Matthews, 'An Endless Trace'
Katrina Naomi, 'After the Reading'
Annemarie Ni Churreáin, 'End of Girlhood'
Ciarán O’Rourke, 'Syringe'
Chris Rice, 'Captain of Industry'
Peter Robinson, 'In the Drift'


Adam Marek, ‘The Sloth’
Steven O’Brien, ‘The Changeling’
Conor Patrick, ‘Three Tigers’


Peter Abbs: Confessing to a Murder: The Crisis of Faith and Identity in the Nineteenth Century
Frank Armstrong: Too much of a Bad Thing
Julian Beecroft: Partners in Devotion: Canada’s Group of Seven
Flora Fraser: Notes from Manchuria
Nigel Jones: ‘And Now I Live, and Now my Life is Done’: The Literature of the Tower of London
Patrick Mercer: What Shall We Do with a Broken Soldier?
Walter Sommerfeld: Iraqi Treasures: Theft from Humanity
Will Stone: A Visionary Infection: Georg Trakl’s Dream and Derangement
George Watson: The Privilege of Absurdity
Johnny West: The Long Lost History of the Arab Spring


Geoffrey Heptonstall - Between Imagination and Truth (Lavinia Greenlaw, ‘The Casual Perfect’)
George Hull - A Riddle Dissolved (Handspring Puppet Company, ‘Woyzeck on the Highveld’)
Erik Martiny - Methuselah’s Multiverse (Brian Aldiss, ‘Mortal Morning’ & Richard Wilbur, ‘Anterooms’)
Derwent May - Enigma Variations (National Gallery, ‘Leonardo da Vinci: Painter at the Court of Milan’)
Peter Robinson - A Part for the Whole (Tom Lubbock, ‘Great Works: 50 Paintings Explored’)
John Sutherland - Commemorative Classics (Charles Dickens – Penguin commemorative box set)
Sarah Wardle - The Eyes’ Hungers (Hugh Dunkerley, ‘Hare’)
Paul Williamson - Evelyn Waugh’s First Eight Books (Evelyn Waugh - Penguin new editions)
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