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The London Magazine - March / April 2009

Authors: Sara-Mae Tuson

Published by The London Magazine

ISBN: 19871-0024 - 6085

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The London Magazine - March/April 2009 by Sara-Mae Tuson (Ed.)
Poems by Kate Miller, Kieron Winn, Olivia Clare, Jenni Williams, Margaret McCartney, Martin Reed, Olivia Byard, Peter Branson, Beata Duncan, and Ronald Gaskell

Short story by Marian Garvey

Bridget Khursheed Delves into Scottís Romantic excesses in matters of Waverley and Interior DÈcor.
Ruth OíCallaghan interviews U A Fanthorpe and R V Bailey on the mechanics of writing.
Gail Low investigates the ëInternationalí aesthetic of The London Magazine.
Poet Andrew Oldham rips into the Bureaucracy of Paperwork in the ëPoets on Politics Column.í
Ross Raisin discusses his book Godís Own Country
Oíar Pali interviews Adam Dant about his Hogarthian Vision of the Credit Crunch.
Reviews by Clare Pollard, Dave Swann, Hugh Dunkerley, Naomi Woddis, Will Shutes, Nick Halmi, Loree Westron and Kiran Toor

Kate Miller, The Giraffe
Kieron Winn, Waking
Olivia Clare, Bone and Hue
Jenni Williams, Earning their keep
Margaret McCartney, Amnio
Martin Reed, West Street 1955
Olivia Byard, The Torturerís Horse
Peter Branson, Attila the Nun
Beata Duncan, When Adam and Eve left Paradise
Ronald Gaskell, The Boyhood of Stauffenberg

Marian Garvey, The Crossing

Bridget Khursheed, The Wizard of the North
Gail Low, The Common Wealth of Words: In the best sense international
Oíar Pali, Adamís Rant
Ruth OíCallaghan, Awkward Subjects
Anonymous, The Writer & Depression
Penelope Bennett, Visiting and Travelling with Sybille
Editorial Interview, Spectacular Vernacular
London Magazine, Festival Fever
Andrew Oldham, Poets on Politics: A State of Paper

Nicholas Royle, Blood and guts
Kiran Toor, A load of old rubbish?
Nicholas Halmi, Forward to Rome: The Life and Legacy of Andrea Palladio
Loree Westron, Life in Third Person
William Shutes, Estuarine excursions
David Swann, Blades of Memory and Empire
Hugh Dunkerley, Heartscapes
Naomi Woddis, Two Timís Talk London
Clare Pollard, Writing White

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