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The Lost Art of Sinking

Authors: Naomi Booth

Published by Penned in the Margins

ISBN: 9781908058294

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Some call it The Fainting Game, others Indian Headrush - but it’s all the rage amongst the girls of Class 2B. “It makes you go all rushy. You feel like you’re falling into a dream.” This is the story of Esther, who lives in the Pennines with her father. Esther is obsessed with experimenting with different ways to pass out: from snorting Daz powder at school to attempted auto-asphyxiation in a serviced apartment in north London. But what happens when you take something too far? And what has Esther’s mother, a beautiful dancer wasting away in her bedroom, to do with it all?

Naomi Booth is a published short-fiction writer, and has recently completed a collection entitled Dark Tourists, exploring macabre holidays. She was shortlisted for the 2014 MMU Novella Award for her prose work, Hartshorn. She is now working on a novel about contemporary preoccupations with the housing market.

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